Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Richard Dean Anderson

On Friday, January 23rd, Richard Dean Anderson turned 59. This is the prototype for a birthday card I gave to my brother, because the lucky bastard shares a birthday with MacGyver.

Here is the best piece of MacGyver memorabilia I have ever seen. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled on ebay.

Hard to believe this show lasted 7 seasons, and even harder to believe that I actually watched all 139 episodes, or that I would even share that (but hey, I have always been well aware of how bad the show actually was). Here is by far one of my favorite moments on the show, even though MacGyver never makes an appearance.
"Here comes one now!"

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Celestia Ward said...

This makes me happy. You may have to bid against me for that multi-tool.