Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy 45th, Nicolas Cage

A big fan of Elvis in real life, he also plays one in Wild at Heart. In 2001 Cage got the best Elvis souvenir a fan could possibly ask for. A short marriage to Lisa Marie, making him Elvis Presley's son-in-law.

So here he is from his role in Wild at Heart as Sailor Ripley, in his snakeskin jacket. "This here jacket represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom."


Arun said...

Hi Zack,I've been following your blog for the past coupla months ! terrific caricatures... your coloring style is unique...may I ask how you color these pieces? and... no Elvis birthday special today? :) said...

Thanks! I use all sorts of things for color, and usually all in one drawing. Crayola markers, prismacolors (markers and colored pencils), art stix, Faber-Castell brushpens, etc. It all depends on the color I want. As for Elvis' birthday...don't worry, the day isn't over!

Anonymous said...

Another huge fan of Wild at Heart here! Cool Sailor Ripley caricature, if it is ok with you, I'd love to post it on our Nicolas Cage forum
Nicolas Cage's next film Season Of The Witch comes out on his birthday next year (2011) maybe that will inspire you to do another happy birthday drawing! I hope so. You are very talented!
Have a NICe day,
Lula :) said...

Thanks! Yeah, go ahead and post it...just leave the proper credits/info!!