Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy B-B-Birthday, Matt Frewer

Happy Birthday to Matt Frewer who turns 51. A name that might be unfamiliar to most, he is better known to me as Max Headroom. He's been in dozens of feature films, with the bulk of them falling into the sci-fi/horror genre (my favorite being the 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead). He can be seen in the upcoming Watchmen (same director as Dawn of the Dead).

Max Headroom started as a science fiction television show (set "20 minutes in the future") in the mid to late 80's, and shortly after moved on to sell Coca-Cola and do his own talk show on Cinemax. If there is one non-human celebrity emblematic of the 1980's, he is the first one who comes to (my) mind.

Between all of the retro, pretend "vintage" shirts with that manufactured weathered look and the garish 80's colors (neon pink, yellow and teal) that seems to have become so fashionable with kids and teenagers, I am very surprised I have not yet seen Max Headroom sported anywhere. Maybe in the next 20 minutes?

I think we're close enough to the post-Christmas season that this video is appropriate to share. It's almost as amusing as it is unsettling.

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Mr. Sable said...

This one is very good - I got it on sight. He's usually got mental patient hair, but it's still easy to determine who it is from your caricature.