Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Peyton Manning

Super Bowl Champ, 3 time MVP and endorsement whore Peyton Manning turns 33 today. I think I kind of missed this one. Or maybe I'm way happier with the way his brother Eli turned out in my first week of famous birthdays (even though I wasn't at the time). To me Peyton is all neck, nose and cranium. A cranium that is filled with more thoughts about what he will sell next or how many commercials he can star in next season instead of focusing on football.

In case you need some entertainment or a quick football fix, here is a great highlight reel of the Packers VS Colts from last season. Why? Because it's awesome. So hard to believe this is from the same season where Manning was named MVP and the Colts earned a wildcard in the playoffs, while the Packers finished with a very ugly 6-10.

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