Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Lou Reed

Today Lou Reed turns 65. I often state that I need to paint more, so here is probably my only attempt for the week. I am too impatient, and I get really bored and sick of it if I haven't made significant progress within 2 hours. I could have kept going, but I decided there's always next time, so I quit.

This guy almost has more to work with than Iggy Pop or Keith Richards, yet I somehow managed to keep it relatively bland while I really should have and could have gone to town. Time to start waking up.

On a side note, this officially completes birthdays in the 60s, meaning I have now drawn every number, ages 60-69 (some of those more than once). Interesting stuff.

Doctor Suess is 105!


jimbodraw said...

Nice Zack! I love that huge gap between the nose and his lips. Like the monochrome thing as well!

Brad said...

whoa nice lou! good painting too!

chrisallison said...

What a likeness! You nailed him. You fucking RULE