Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig

I found this website listing all of the deceased pro-wrestlers (the majority of them coming from the heyday of WWF, before it was renamed the WWE). I was aware of some of these deaths (Andre The Giant, British Bulldog, Owen Hart, Miss Elizabeth, Big Bossman; to name a few), but couldn't believe the number of other familiar names that came up on the list, and how young most of them were. The cause of death for almost all of them was either a heart attack or drug overdose. In Mr. Perfect's case, he died from "acute cocaine intoxication".

When flipping channels last night and seeing a commercial for Wrestlemania 25, I was also very surprised to see that The Undertaker and Sean Michaels are still around.


Craig Zablo said...

I was into Pro Wrestling -- Rassin' -- when I was a kid. Then in high school drifted away... came back to it when my boys were younger because they got into it. Haven't watched it in years, but enjoy reading their autobiographies. Man, the stories they tell.

Sorry for running off at the keyboard. Love the drawing! said...

I went through my phase, too. I went to a handful of WWF events in Green Bay when they would come through town, and I got to see many of those characters who have since passed away, including Mr. Perfect! It was always a fun time, even though I was always well aware that it wasn't real!

Anyway, thanks, glad you like the drawing!