Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Tim Curry

The human Grinch turns 63 today. He will forever be known to me as the terrifying Pennywise from It.

I have never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and will probably never build enough interest to watch it. I blame that obnoxious Meatloaf song that seems to be so obligatory in the karaoke community.


jimbodraw said...

He was Darkness in Legend (a big, giant devil), and very menacing. His Pennywise character, still creeps me out too.

Great likeness.

Bruce Oksol said...

Rocky Horror: watch the first half -- you have to see Tim Curry in that role. Unbelievable. Meatloaf comes in about midway: you can stop the picture just before Meatloaf and you've seen the best!