Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Jorge Garcia

If you are one who chooses to deprive themselves from a very great thing called LOST, it would be pointless for me to explain the references in this drawing.

Let me add that the Dharma patch on his jumpsuit is a real bitch to draw in such tiny dimensions.

Happy Birthday Jorge!


Jorge Garcia said...

That's awesome. thanks.

lordmarcus said...

Zack, this summer I vow to get all caught up on Lost. Oh, and we'll have to watch the rest of the greatest Packer games ever. Just a thought.

ZackWallenfang.com said...

Jorge- Thanks for taking a look, and I'm glad you like it. It made my day!

Marc- Oh yes, Packers for sure. I haven't watched any more since you were here. We have all summer to watch 8 more games (in your case, 9)!