Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Aaron Rodgers

What a man looks like. Yet another person younger, wealthier and way cooler than me. Any non-Packers fans (and probably some Packers fans, too) can go ahead and make fun of his 44 sacks this season, but he is still ranked the 3rd best quarterback in the NFL right now. And the offense has finally been doing a significantly better job in protecting him in their last few games. If they keep this up, all you playoff contenders better watch your backs.

And just for fun, here's a real ballsy (and awesome) play they made in the season opener against the Bears, with a little more than a minute left of the game. I was at this game and have to admit that it got a little boring at times (just look at what the score was so late in the game), but this play made those 3 hours worth the wait.


Mike Kuznar said...

That play was amazing to see when us packer fans saw it, AMAZING, the play and the sketch said...

I love that reaction shot of Rodgers, all happy with a victorious little spin move.