Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So I finally caved in and started one of these. Everyone has their own excuse for joining, so I'll spare an explanation.

Most blogs seem to read, "Get a load of me", and I will do my damnedest to avoid that.

One thing that makes me cringe in the artists' blog world is the use of the word "just". Ex: "Here is something I just did before breakfast", or "This is just a 5 minute warm-up sketch I did on a napkin I found". If you ever catch me doing that, I wish to be reprimanded immediately. If you live near by, by all means, come over and whip my fingers.

I loathe several things behind the concept of a blog, but there are several I read every day. Some motivate me to work harder, put me to shame, or occasionally spark an idea. If I can do one of those things for just one person, then perhaps this will not be a waste.


Josh said...

just one person?

Zack Wallenfang said...

Yeah, I know, I used that word. But not used in the context I was suggesting. And no, I suppose more than one person would be ideal.

Bruce Oksol said...

You are still going strong. I decided to check in on what you were doing just before breakfast. It took me just a minute to find you. Still love your site even if you're just making one person happy.