Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Elvis of the Day #100

I draw Elvis every day, and have not stopped since the 1st of the New Year. Today is the 100th day of 2008.

Why Elvis? There's an abundance of reference photos available, and for years I've been trying to draw something every day, even when I don't feel like it. So why not have a theme? I figured a day-by-day desk calendar would be a good start, and how great would it be to have 365 Elvi at the end of the year?! From here on I will post the ones I like (past or present).

I'm not entirely happy with this one. His chin is too pointy, the ear is all wrong, the folds in his jacket are weak, and I generally suck at profiles. But I had to post this, for #100 is quite the milestone.


Beast said...

Glad you started a Blog.
Nice Elvis!

jimbodraw said...

Hey Zack:

Nice horse! Who”s that guy standing next to him?

Just kidding - nice work - number 100 -wow!

DoHotdogsGoBad? said...

Lame. Don't cut down your work. If you are going to post a drawing, be excited about it! It's kinda D.T.ish otherwise.

Zack Wallenfang said...

Yeah, I know. I see a lot of people post stuff they don't like, which never makes sense to me. But I DID state that I was posting it because it was a "Milestone Elvis"!

DoHotdogsGoBad? said...