Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christian Bale

Here he is as Dicky Eklund from The Fighter, a very great Oscar worthy film. I haven't seen everything that is generating Oscar buzz, but Christian Bale stands a good chance of getting his first long overdue, well-deserved nomination, and hopefully a win.

This is acrylic on illustration board, 11" x 14". I say it all too often, but after staring at this for too long I'm not 100% sure about the likeness. If you haven't seen the movie, keep in mind he lost a considerable amount of weight to play a malnourished crack addict.


Jesse said...

Yeah, he totally should have won for the movie about the dragons,. That thing was the best.

Alex said...

Nice painting. Hard to believe he lost twice that weight(60 lbs, a third of his body weight) for "The Machinist"