Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween, and Happy Birthday Michael Anderson and Frank Silva!

Also known as the Man From Another Place and Killer Bob. Any fan of Twin Peaks will understand why it's not only creepy that these two share a birthday, but the fact that it happens to fall on Halloween is just downright chilling and bizarre.

On a technical note, I'm really tired of caricatures that use big heads on small bodies and I try to steer away from it whenever possible. I started with Little Mike and liked the way he turned out, but then I had to cram in Killer Bob, and had to resort to the small body hoopla.

While digging around on youtube, I found a clip I had never seen before. The fun part comes in at 1:22.

And here's one of my favorite Bob moments from the show. Very brief, but I always got a kick out of it.