Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Woody Harrelson

I lost a lot of respect for this guy about 4 years ago when he became the first and only famous person to deny me an autograph (and I was only one of three people standing there). He was in town for the filming of the Prairie Home Companion movie. I always had a lot of luck in the past meeting famous people, so when I found out he was in town I thought it would be great if I could get him to sign my Natural Born Killers record store promo flat that I had been holding onto for a good decade. Juliette Lewis was nice enough to sign it a few months prior, and was quite the sweetheart about it.

When I kindly asked him, he glared with his intimidating little beady eyes and responded with a simple, "I don't think so, dude." I was stupefied. At first I wondered if I should be satisfied enough that Woody Harrelson called me "dude". I was at a loss for words and finally said, "Okay, fair enough." He kept staring and nodded. Who would have thought that mister liberal pot smoker would be against taking 2 seconds to sign something for the only person asking? It was thanks to Woody that I left Mickey Rourke alone when I spotted him at a SoHo neighborhood diner in New York the following year. I didn't want to find out he was the same way.

All that aside, I am still very much looking forward to this film:


Craig Zablo said...

Wow. I would have thought that ole Woody would have been cool about signing. I think I'd have still given Mickey a shot -- how could you pass on getting a sig from Marv and a future Expendable.

Yeah, I'm also looking forward to Zombieland. The shot of the guy wearing "The End is Near" sign running from a zombie still cracks me up big time.

lordmarcus said...

Dude, thats quite a bummer, but i still love the guy. Great sketch, and that movie looks amazing!