Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Ultimate Warrior Jim Hellwig)

Anyone who watched the WWF in the 80s or early 90s probably at some point heard the myth that their were 2 or 3 different Ultimate Warriors, because each guy who played him would die from overdosing on steroids. I never heard anything from a reliable source, until today when I was digging up some reference pics. Straight from his official website:

"There was only one Ultimate Warrior...I am not dead. Nor have I ever died. Don't laugh. There are plenty of kooks (too many) who write and inform me that I am or that I have -- and then demand I write back and confirm it!" I did some digging around on youtube and found a few keepers. One of them being the best anti-smoking PSA ever.


Jesse said...

Oh man, that guy was (and probably still is) the best.

Craig Zablo said...

He was as crazy as your drawing is good -- very.

Brad said...

wow great post! what a nut job! is he the "Snap into a Slim Jim!" guy?
excellent drawing!