Monday, February 2, 2009


And that concludes all of the belated birthdays that were caused by yet another visit to this place:

Not to pat myself on the back or nothin' but it almost looks digitally manipulated, doesn't it? Well it's not! I happened to be passing by at dusk, during this "magical" moment at "The Most Magical Place on Earth", not to be confused with "The Happiest Place on Earth".

The Happiest Place has not yet shamelessly tainted and bastardized its Enchanted Tikki Room in the most twisted and depraved manner possible. And hopefully they never will, because I think they know better. That's why their Pirates of the Carribean doesn't lazily cut corners while trimming its story down. They still have Mr. Toad and 4 more dark rides than the Magic Kingdom. Don't forget the Matterhorn, a better Space Mountain, an Indiana Jones ride, and Walt Disney's spirit living in he park (it's in the air, honestly). What really sucks is that the 2 best things the Kingdom has that Disneyland doesn't (Philhar Magic and the Hall of Presidents) were closed for refurbishment.

But don't get me wrong, it was still a great time and I'll definitely return. I at least got to see fireworks this time, which I've been screwed out of on each visit to Disneyland (almost always canceled at the last minute due to "high winds" or a few rain drops). And most importantly, the Haunted Mansion still kicks a lot of ass.

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