Thursday, May 8, 2008

Proposal to The Mall of America

The Mall of America has no character of its own, some kind of mascot to meet and greet the guests, vistors, shoppers, consumers, vultures, etc. A true symbol of the largest mall in the country is in dire need for this tourism hot spot, and is long overdue for an appearance.

One of the many spectacles this mecca of interest has to offer is the Underwater Adventure, the "World's Largest Underground Aquarium". They have their mascot, Sharky.

The "new" theme park in the center of the mall, Nickelodeon Universe, has theirs (among others):

The Mall does not have anything of its own to represent the place as a whole, so this is my pitch and prototype for something new. The only thing that is missing is a name. Any ideas?


Twan said...

this is so funny dude..nothing brings back memories of VF like a "TFTW"


Hillarious stuff Zack...
how bout callin him "Pooper Scooter"

jert said...

Yulee the sugar-betes eagle