Saturday, January 30, 2010

Keith Richards

11" x 14", acrylic. Click on image for a better look.

Anyone who knows who Sebastian Krüger is (which I hope would be everyone) has a tendency to think of him any time someone does a caricature of any member of the Rolling Stones (but namely Keith Richards). When I drew Richards on his birthday back in December, it was nearly impossible to forget about the images burned into my head of at least 20 different Keith Richards paintings by Krüger. But I made it a point NOT to look at any of his work before that drawing (or this painting).

So my little disclaimer here is that I promise this is the first and last one I will ever do of him or any member of the Rolling Stones. Keith Richards is Krüger's thing. I happened to like the way that drawing turned out and thought it was worth painting. But I don't want to appear as though I am trying to emulate Krüger (which isn't to say that I think this is anywhere up to par with his work). While every caricature artist in the world will forever think of Krüger when they see a Keith Richards piece, I would like my name to one day become synonymous with drawings and paintings of Elvis.

With all that said, I know it's not entirely impossible to eventually reach the superior powers that Sebastian Krüger possesses, but it's also highly unlikely. The best thing I can do is keep working hard and be as creative as I can, while trying to mold my own thing and have fun as I do it. There are way too many Krüger wannabes out there, and very few who can pull off what he does. His subjects look as though they could jump out and bite your face off if only he hadn't trapped their souls in the canvas. I firmly believe his abilities come from the same source as Fry's high-caliber Holophoner performance in the series finale of Futurama.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vince Lombardi

Here is the first of what I hope to be many paintings derived from my birthday drawings of the last year. This was a Christmas present to my dad who has not missed a Packers home game since 1984. After taking me to several games over the years (including 3 Packers-Vikings games with a field pass...on the sidelines back when he was doing field photography for every game!), I thought this was an appropriate gift.

This is acrylic on chipboard, about 11"x14". The scan came out a tad darker than it should be, but I kind of like it.